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Xiaomi is no longer a simple mobile phone maker; in recent years it has launched a wide range of products, from handsets to electric trotters. Some of them are also present on the blog in the review section. At the end of last year, the Chinese manufacturer launched a mechanical keyboard and a mouse. For nearly 2 weeks I’ve got the keyboard, and today is the time to talk to you about it. I have to mention that it is the first mechanical keyboard I get, so I can not compare it with other models of this kind. Until now, we used a simple A4Tech keyboard.

I bought it directly from China, the only stock store at that time was GearBest.com. The price paid for was $80, shipping is usually free of charge, of course, if you choose as a postal delivery method. If you still want to get it faster, you can opt for DHL, but this service will cost you more. It took me almost a month to get it.

The keypad comes in a white, bulky and heavy white box (weighs 940 grams only the product itself, no accessories or packaging). On the front we find a photo of the product, and on the back there are the technical specifications (much in Chinese). Inside the box we only find a user manual (in Chinese language), the MicroUSB power cord and the keyboard.

Xiaomi Yuemi MK01


Using Xiaomi Yuemi MK01

It’s completely white, and the first thought I had right out of the box was that it resembles the keyboard of Apple, but I make this resemblance strictly based on color. Xiaomi Yuemi MK01 is a massive mechanical keyboard made of high quality aluminum and plastic with modern and stylish design.

It’s not a gamer’s keyboard because it’s extremely simplistic. I appreciate this especially because I am not a gamer so I do not need colored lights or buttons differently. The only thing I miss momentarily is the numeric block, but I’m convinced that I will get used to using it for a longer period.

Mechanical keyboard Xiaomi Yuemi MK01 accesories

I liked very much that you can use instantly, you do not need drivers or settings. I tested it on a Windows 10 system and on an Apple laptop, in both situations it worked instantly, without headaches or additional settings. The cable you find in the box is long enough (it measures about 50 centimeters), but because it uses a MicroUSB port for connection, you can choose any other cable as needed, longer or shorter.

As expected, the keyboard is somewhat louder, but the feedback provided is great. It’s nice to touch, comfortable even after several hours of continuous use, but that’s only after you get used to the keys, especially if you come from a regular keyboard, as it was for me. The manufacturer guarantees the keyboard to use up to 50 million pressures per key.

I really like the fact that it is illuminated with white LEDs (can not change the color), even having 5 levels of intensity. The only keys that change color when used are CapsLock and Windows key, when pressed they turn red. To set the brightness, you must press the key combination between the FN and the directional (up / down) keys.

Mechanical keyboard Xiaomi Yuemi MK01 LED iluminated

Conclusion and Prices

If you want a mechanical keyboard that looks good, it’s light and compact in size, then the Xiaomi Yuemi MK01 really deserves the money. Compared to other models in the same price segment, it features a modern and stylish look, quality finishes and premium materials such as aluminum. At the moment you can buy it from China, and the best price you can find here.

Xiaomi Yuemi MK01


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