Why you should (or not) buy from Chinese online shops

If you never buy from a Chinese store (like AliExpress), for various reasons, please let me tell you what are the advantages and disadvantages of buying from China. First of all you need to know that i started buying from China since 2007, when Chinese shops and gadgets were not so popular, so I have some experience. 🙂

I see that in present still exists many people that are afraid to buy from China, and this is because they do not know what to expect. That’s why I need to tell, from my point of view, which are the advantages and disadvantages of buying from online Chinese stores. I will begin with the advantages.

free shipping on every single product
you can find very cheap products
you can buy chinese brands like Xiaomi at better prices
almost all stores accept PayPal
if you order is lost, you can get full refund if you choose to pay with PayPal
a wide variety of products (gadgets, smartphones, clothes)

if you not choose fast shipping (DHL, UPS) your order will arrive in about one month
warranty means that you need to send the product back to China
in some cases you need to pay VAT or custom duties (this depends because every country has its own laws)

That’s all for now, if I will remember other reasons why to buy (or not) from China, I’ll be back with an update of this article. If you find it interesting or useful please share on social networks. For questions or suggestions feel free to use comments section. 😉

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