Nokia 6 on GearBest?

Today I saw that some Chinese stores has already listed Nokia 6, the new flagship from Nokia. The price is not bad but I wait for GearBest to list this smartphone, because I have some points in my GB Wallet and so I can buy this with an discount. The problem is that GearBest does not sell anything from Nokia, even accessories.

In my opinion Nokia 6 is the most beautiful cellphone developed by this company. I know that now is owned by some Chinese company, but as long the product looks and works good I don’t care that much who makes or sell. Also, I saw some reviews on YouTube and until now this phone I think is best-buy.

Of course, if the price stays around 250$. At that money you get unibody design made from aluminium, good hardware and camera. Photos taken with front and back camera are very clear, all usual applications run smooth and fluid, which translates with optimized operating system and good configuration.

So, is anyone who knows if and when GearBest will sell this smartphone? I had some orders from GearBest until now and I always was very pleased about shipping time and prices, that’s why now I hope GearBest also will sell this phone, to buy from them. 🙂

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