Huami Amazfit Bip Lite – a new Xiaomi SmartWatch

After Xiaomi Huami Amazfit’s success, Huami, subdivision of Xiaomi, has launched another smartwatch, Huami Amazfit Bip Lite, a version that looks very much like the Apple watch. I do not know when it was officially launched, but the clock is already available for sale at the online Chinese shops, the price charged is slightly smaller than the first model. Attention, currently can be ordered under the preorder, and will ship starting from July 30.

With a capacity of 190 mAh, the Huami Amazfit Bip Lite battery can provide up to 45 days of autonomy and up to 4 months in standby time. It is waterproof, conforming to the IP68 standard and integrated with a Sony 28nm + Glonass GPS sensor for fast and accurate positioning. The screen has Corning Gorilla protection, has a diagonal measuring 1.28 inches, and the maximum resolution is 176 x 176 pixels. It is equipped with a sensor for pulse monitoring and sleep monitoring. Once connected to the phone, it notifies you when you have notifications on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, plus other applications of this kind.


The price charged by Chinese shops is 60-70 $. I really like how it looks, and if the quality Is the same as that Xiaomi has accustomed us, I’m sure it’s worth the money. I do not think is running Android Wear, but so far from the images, the software interface looks just as friendly and nicely drawn as the previous model. It is available in four color versions (black, gray, green and orange) and its bracelets can be removed and changed.


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