Haier XShuai T370 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner – best price with coupon code at GearBest

If you do not like vacuuming or do not like to “waste” time by cleaning, then you surely need a suction robot. Although the vacuum cleaner does not have the same power as a classic one, it can tighten much of the hair from dogs or cats as well as the dirt that gathered throughout the week, so general cleaning can be postponed for a few days.

A few weeks ago, I brought the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner to the forefront, but I know that for many it costs quite a lot, even bought half the price directly from China. One solution that I am proposing is the Haier new model, which is a more accessible alternative with almost the same functions and endowments. The XShuai T370, because this is what the new vacuum cleaner is called, is a good-looking and robust Chinese robot.

It is equipped with a HEPA filter so the air that is blown from it is always clean, leaked by unpleasant odors or bacteria. It integrates a battery with a maximum capacity of 2600mAh, providing up to 120 minutes of operation. When left without battery, it returns to the charging socket. The brushless motor is a powerful one with up to 16500 rpm but at the same time it remains a silent one that will not bother you when you sleep.

The Haier robot has a dedicated application that allows you to control it remotely. It can also be integrated with Amazon Alexa. Strong dirt is collected in a 300 ml capacity vessel, large enough to be emptied quite rarely. It also comes with a 300ml pot, which you can charge with water to use wet wash in some areas of the house.

It is available on pre-order at GearBest.com website, with a standard price of $ 239 for this period, including courier or fast shipping, whichever you choose. If you choose to order it now, you can use this coupon, which will allow you to buy it at the promotional price of only $ 169.

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