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Is GearBest legit?

When it comes to Chinese phones and tablets, GearBest is the perfect solution! This is one of the largest and most serious stores selling gadgets of this kind, focusing only on this type of products. Prices are very good, much lower compared to the rest of the Chinese shops that have a much more varied range of products.

The appearance of the site is a tidy, professional one, which means if you have an online experience, in a matter of seconds you can see that there is a serious store behind it. A plus of credibility is given by Norton, their choice when it comes to shop security. Also, the fact that you can pay with Paypal gives you some certainty, because if you think you are being injured, PayPal can intervene and solve the situation, which is why I personally generally recommend you to use Paypal for shopping In China, regardless of the store chosen.

GearBest products

Compared to other Chinese stores that sell tablets and smartphones, GearBest gives you almost every model, a video where you can see the product exactly as it actually looks, how it does and what is the quality of the materials From which it is built. This is a major advantage, because it lets you see it before you buy it, so you will not be surprised by the quality or performance of your chosen device.

The most popular categories on GearBest are certainly mobile phones and tablets, the price of which is well below that of the country I live – of course, I also report on the performances offered. Instead, if you’re looking, you can find other products such as drones, car accessories (DVD, camera, speakers, lights), LED bulbs, mobile phone accessories, and other gadgets.

As with any other store, GearBest will find both very cheap products – phones and tablets up to $ 50-60, from which you can not claim high, as well as products that are slightly higher, but also a quality better. In general, as I mentioned at the beginning of this article, I think the prices are very good, especially if you have a gearbest discount coupon. They tend to have significant discounts quite often, and discount coupons can save you a few extra bucks.

GearBest free shipping and other methods

As Chinese shops have used us so far, the transportation of products is free, and GearBest is no exception to the rule. All products on the site are sent for free, but only if you choose “Flat Rate Shipping” – the package reaches within 30-45 days in the country, but you do not have tracking numbers.

You can choose to arrive much faster (within 3-5 days) using the “Expedited Shipping” method – the package is sent via DHL, but this option will cost you an extra $ 20. Depending on the value of the product, you can decide if it deserves insurance – if it gets damaged during transport then you can get your money back. The store has recently introduced the “Priority Line” delivery method for several countries. This version gets rid of customs and VAT. The package is sent to England, and from there it is taken over by DPD.

GearBest Warranty and return

If you change your mind and do not want the purchased product, you have 45 days to return it regardless of the method of payment used. Product Warranty is one year, and when you want to send it in for repair must open a ticket in that announces this. The cost of transport is borne by you sending the package to guarantee, on leaving the service they will ensure they pay him to you. If you have any questions or can help us with extra information, we are waiting for you in the comments area.

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  • I started buying on gearbest a few month ago and since that moment i can’t stop myself! Now when i have to buy something the first thing i do is to search it on gearbest because it’s my first choice. I have never had any problems either with the goods or with the shipment. Obviously the best thing on gearbest is the price….you can’t find a better website!

  • The site Gearbest is the most awesome company i ever knew.It has awesome response to your problem and many solution to make you happy.I said to all my friends to buy from them

  • I purchase on Gearbest for years and i consider it one of the best online shopping sites. Always accurate and punctual shipments, items are always conform to the description.
    If i have to buy a Xiaomi or Amazfit products Gearbest is the best for this type of items.
    Kindly and prompt costumer service in the answers and problem solving.

  • Good store. Pleasant prices and a wide choice of goods. There is a bonus system, which sometimes gives an opportunity to save a lot.

  • BEEXPHQ is a priority line shipment service.
    I just asked the item to be shipped using it and I hope it will arrive to Bulgaria VAT free!
    Did anybody used it and can confirm the the items arrive to EU contries VAT free?

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