What is DHL (EXT) from GearBest and how it works

I have some GearBest orders delivered by DHL, but they are all for mobile phones or more expensive products for which I want fast shipping. However, compared with other methods of shipping, DHL transport was quite expensive, so I always chose only for products that I think deserve this type of shipping. Surprise! Lately, those from GearBest added a new mode of transport, namely DHL (EXT).

I was curious as to how long the package arrives and what this transport option is about because it was much cheaper than DHL. I generally paid $ 30-40 for DHL and DHL (EXT) was estimated at $ 5-10, which seemed to me a little bit suspicious. So, at the last order, I wanted to test this method and I chose DHL (EXT) for shipping.

After placing the order, I received a tracking number from GearBest, different from the one I was used to (I knew exactly what the DHL tracking code looked like). The DHL site did not recognize it in the database, so I asked for support. There I was recommended to watch it on a Chinese website tracking but without further information.

Attention, the site works just set on the Chinese language interface, if you choose English you will not be able to track anything! No one told me and I found out on my skin after hundreds of attempts. Finally, I was able to enter the tracking number on that site and I received the information that the package has already been taken over. Furthermore, the tracking number was not recognized by the DHL website. Then there was a number on the site under “服务 商 单 号” which seemed to me to be similar to what DHL is doing, in the form of “50103494XXX”. I copied it, introduced it to the DHL site, and then it was recognized.

From what I deduced, in order to reduce the cost of DHL transportation, I think GearBest is choosing to deliver packages to a city near Hong Kong and will be taken over by DHL from there. As a conclusion: If you choose DHL (EXT) as a delivery method and you receive a tracking code like “DT14897403665XXX”, I recommend that you check it on this site, on the left will be displayed the code for DHL.

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  • Hi,
    I have tried going to the website you have recommended and tried to input the tracking number given to me. The result was this 没有轨迹 which in google translate means “No Track”.
    I have contacted Gearbest regarding the website to use for the tracking. However, they just answered to go the DHL website. I did go to the DHL website but to no avail.


    • This is the tracking number: DT14990815285340

      I tried again using the site but still it displays “No/Empty Track”.

    • Yeah, I see.

      I think your order was given too soon, and that’s way you don’t get any info. You can check the following days, It might work. However you will receive another tracking number from gearbest, when DHL will pick up this order.

    • Hi again. I just received another tracking number from Gearbest. I can now use it in the DHL website.

      Thank you for the info earlier!

  • Ciao scusate ma i tempi di consegna quali sono? Ho acquistato anche io con quel metodo e ora non mi sento molto sereno.

  • Hello, many thanks for all these details about DHL ext & Gearbest, do you know how long it takes between the first tracking n0 (which is the regent event for your invoice, I’ve just seen it) and the availability of the “proper” DHL tracking?

    • Thanks for the tip, good to know that! On the last orders I chose Priority Line, so I’m no longer up to date with DHL EXT shipping method. 🙂

    • Antoine,

      Thank you!! this worked like a charm. They send the packets actually
      (contrarily to what one could suspect given this strange reference numbers).

  • GEARBEST has given me this number one month before DT14978367718625
    but till now I had not got any other tracking number .

  • Please do you know anything concerning DHL express ?,its a new shipping method amongst the DHL shipping list , I got a numeric code like this
    “1609450XXX” no DT added to it ,and It doesn’t seem like a DHL tracking number because DHL don’t recognize it in their site,and the Chinese website you provided replied no track even when I set the language to chinese

    • Same thing is happening with my package. Today I received shipping number 1609XXXXXX and I can’t track that number anywhere. How long does it take to receive proper DHL tracking number?

    • Hello, I ordered for Items and up to now I have not received them when I contact gearbest am told to contact DHL. When I try to tracking it indicates no tracking information. Please help me on how to get my order.

    • Hi, did any of you solve this problem?
      I also got a similar tracking number with only 10 digits and no letters but i can’t track it in any page

  • Hi, I just checked my shipping on dhl using the shipper reference, the latest update says Returned to shipper? Is this usually the case? tracking number given is DT15034914245314

  • Hello,

    How long your order take to arrive at your home ? I can track mine but it’s blocked in Hong Kong since the 21th of December … (I use DHL EXT too and I’m in France)

  • I also have similar tracking AT15145206693025 with no info. CS gave me DHL site after opening ticket, so no help from them too, shippers reference also shows error…

  • I’ve Ordered form GearBest as well, and they gave me a tracking number similiar to DT xxxxx . Twice they tried to send, twice it was returned to the shipper, saying that they refused to send it to Portugal.

    Now, 3rd try, it’s a different DHL tracking number, which I can track through their normal website, but they have send me and message asking for the purchase order and payment comprovative. It’s a smartwatch that costs 45€… do you think it will be stuck on Costums?

    Thank your for your help

  • I have one package sent from DHL(EXT) too and today was the deadline and i got nothing no valid Tracking no and no package …
    I just have one of those codes DT152028XXXX.
    PLEASE help.

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